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Human OCs
[Collaboration] RedGalaxyLlama - Atlantis by AggressiveOx
|Elvina| by Rlikashi
Cierra Knightly | Practicing Perspective by iFell-intoTheSky
SNK OC Meme - Ava Hato by Pexxastar
Titan Shifter OCs
AOT: Sebastian Titan Form (update) by TheFallingpiano
Ruben Konn Profile -Attack On Titan OC #3- by AmyEmerald
Let me rest now... by AmyEmerald
Attack On Titan OC: Loki Blade by CheshireCat2186
Comm: LevixCece by Shiarva
AriUl hugs by King-Uli
[Ask or Dare] #2 by KaramellKuraiko
Ask Levi And Pexxastar by Pexxastar
Multiple Characters
[AT] Hey gurls by KaramellKuraiko
Now you are more prettier! -AT #23- by AmyEmerald
A Broken Soldier (Fan-made) Japanese voice cast by CheshireCat2186
A Broken Soldier (Fan-made) English voice cast by CheshireCat2186
[Ask or Dare] #1 by KaramellKuraiko
Vanilla Pudding by KaramellKuraiko
Canon Characters
Attack on Titan by crackedycat
Mikasa Ackerman - Snk by crackedycat
Sasha Braus - SnK by crackedycat
Anime-SnK Sasha Braus by crackedycat
Eren Jaeger x Annie Leonhartd by IGrayI
Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhartd by IGrayI
Eren Jaeger vs Annie Leonhartd by IGrayI
Eren Jaeger vs Annie Leonhartd by IGrayI


Welcome to Shingeki-no-OC, an all inclusive collection of fandom creations for Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan.
How to Join
:bulletwhite:Joining this group is really simple! Click on "Join Our Group" and submit! All requests to join are automatically approved!:bulletwhite:
Don't worry if you've only read the manga, or have only seen the show, or are still trying to catch up! We respect everyone the same here.
:bulletwhite:Gallery and General Rules:bulletwhite:
All submissions have to be approved; we don't look for quality, we just need to make sure everything is in the right folder.

Please submit to the correct folder! It creates a lot more work for everyone if you don't submit correctly! Submissions in the wrong folder will be declined!

Do not submit traces or stolen artwork; they will not be accepted, and stolen pieces will be reported.

Please keep in mind that admin won't be online 24/7 to accept your pieces automatically. Give us some time to get things accepted.

If you would like a piece removed from the group, please send us a note with a link to the piece!

All Canon Character Only art must be submitted to 'Canon Characters'!





Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

This is just a quick reminder that this group does not accept traces or stolen artwork. We have been getting quite a few submissions of anime screenshots that were merely drawn over or traced. And at least one fanart that was traced over. I know that other groups may not be strict on submissions like these, but it is still considered art theft and is not allowed in our group. And just in case anyone is worried, you won’t be kicked out for submitting traces or stolen images. They just won’t be accepted.

As always, please remember to submit to the correct folders! It really helps out the moderators!

If the other admins want to add anything, have at it. :) And if you guys have any questions or need anything clarified, don’t be afraid to ask.
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Checureuil Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student General Artist

I'm looking for SNK artists who do art trade, point commissions or commissions. I you are one or know one, please let me a message :)
ALioness-w-NoRegrets Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Random thought: Levi having a food-gasm from Food Wars... Wonder what that would be like? What kind of food-gasm would any of the AOT characters have?
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Hello why my submissions are not accepted ?
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Just wondering out of curiosity, is this group is still active? I just wasn't too sure is all. Sorry if I sounded rude or pressuring. I don't mean to be that at all. 
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Very interesting fanfic I liked ^_^ All I wish to read )) It's not my fanfic Х)

Pixis's Granddaughter

LevixWendy Pixis (OC) - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attuck on Titan…

As the only female in the Pixis bloodline, Wendy grew up coddled by the guys. Against her family's wishes, she becomes a recon soldier under Levi's command, but his inability to look past her upbringing keeps her from getting the respect she craves. But Wendy Pixis has inherited more than just her grandfather's eyes, and she's not about to let her Captain talk her down.
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